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The mission of Youth Justice Fund is to assist returning citizens, sentenced as youth to a term of imprisonment, with services and resources necessary to ensure human dignity and full participation in their communities.

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Well over a 100+ years served in prison within this photo and everyone is now on a pathway to improve our community and reform our criminal justice system!
Leave the Past Behind and Build a Future!

Who We are

YJF is a committed group of activists, faith-based leaders, attorneys, social workers, local small business owners, and concerned citizens, all working towards one community in Southeast Michigan.

Our Team


Youth sentenced to adult prison are disproportionately children of color, and children who grew up in deeply impoverished communities. Incarceration in their formative years means that they were denied the support and guidance all children need to grow. We are deeply committed to celebrating the potential of our youth by eliminating the barriers to a dynamic and successful life.



Direct Partnerships

We’re bringing local businesses into the YJF network to strengthen community and maximize intentional and impactful contributions.

Intentional Communities

We’re creating deep-rooted support and mutual understanding to heal and uplift individuals and our community, both of which are deeply harmed by the incarceration of children.

Generational Investment

We’re engaging local and national partners and YJF Community Members to change the narrative of how we treat children who come in conflict with the law.

Our Work

Housing: YJF helps our Participants access housing, creating a dignified path to self-sufficiency, security, and independence.

Employment: YJF pairs local businesses with returning citizens, providing our Participants with the opportunity to be financially independent, and giving them the skills to be successful in the workplace and beyond.

Healing and Health: YJF partners with a broad range of local health professionals, and takes a holistic approach to our Participants’ health and well-being with a specific focus on addressing the trauma of childhood incarceration.

Transportation: YJF works with each Participant to find the resources necessary to travel autonomously, enabling Participants to conduct their lives independently.

Education: YJF works with local training and education providers to assist our Participants in continuing their schooling and pursuit of dynamic and fulfilling career paths.

It takes a community

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